Back to the cross-country rally suspension development

AV R&D announces return to cross-country rally suspension development in the 2020 for category T3.

On the basis of successful development of suspension components followed by victory of VW Touareg at DAKAR Rally AV R&D has currently focused on suspension development for vehicle from new racing category T3 (UTV) which is driven by multiple European champion Vaclav Fejfar.
Development includes cinematics design and design of key suspension components (upright with adapters and links) and rollcage. Knowledge and experience from suspension development for rally, rally cross, autocross and cross-country rally will be beneficially used.
Vehicle is based on the standard CAN-AM-MAVERICK which will be rebuilt under homologation requirements. Vehicle will be tested on and off road with respect to performance and durability requirements.

We believe that connection of AV R&D experts and racing experience of Vaclav Fejfar will bring victory in the new DAKAR 2021.