AVR&D and ETCS – stationary equipment accredited testing

Verification by test of ETCS stationary equipment is integral part of AV R&D services. ETCS equipment is subjected to the developments and proof tests such as vibration load, shocks and temperature loads according to standards, or according to specification of development or from measured in service loads.

Prototype testing of the stationary ETCS equipment (holder & balize) brings to the developer feedback in the short time. Increase the knowledge about the future behaviour.
Test results will be used for approval process as well.

AV R&D also offers vibration or shock testing combined with temperature loads in range -40°C up to +120°C. All these loads can be determined by our specialists in service of vehicle by measurement of Eigen frequencies and vibrations of ETCS units already installed on vehicles and tracks.

All above mentioned test are performed in scope of AV R&D testing center accreditation.